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Hiking Routes

On request can be organized with assistance and guide to the lifeguard , various mountain tourist routes : Scropoasa Lake, Bolboci Lake, Tatar Tails, Omu Peak, Babele, Sphinx.

Pestera Hotel - Omu Peak Cabin

From the Pestera Hotel (1610m) the trail starts to the north, leaves the Cocorei Valley and passes through the meadows of a wide plateau, located between the Ialomița Valley (left) and Cocorei Valley (right). After 10-15 min. we reach the north end of the plateau, at a branching of roads (1640m). Before, towards Omu Peak, through the Obârşiei Valley, a blue band mark. Our route continues to the right, in a straight climb on the foot of Babelor’s Foot and then to the ridge. Continuing the climb along the crest of the Babelor’s Foot, the path crosses through the boulders and reaches a threshold at the base of a steep rocky area (1980m); turn left, and describing a serpentine, slip through a small rocky gorge and exit over the rocky area (2040m). From here we can easily climb through the meadows below the Babelor ridge, cross some villages, and after 20-30 min. we reach the ridge at Babele Chalet (2200m).

Pestera Hotel - Piatra Arsă Cabin

De la Hotel Pestera (1610m), the path heads north, crossing the Cocorei Valley and passing through the meadows of a wide, gently sloping plateau situated between the Cocorei Valley (on the right) and the Ialomița Valley (on the left). After 10-15 minutes, we reach the northern edge of the plateau at a trail junction (1640m, marked by a post). The path continues straight ahead, ascending along the side. Crossing through a wide curve of Valcelul Piciorului Babelor, the trail ascends on the western flank of the Piciorul Babelor ridge along a small valley descending on the left. At the base of the valley, we reach the ridge forming the frontal moraine of the Obârșia Ialomiței Valley, where we descend gently on the other side and soon cross the Valea Sugarilor (Sugar Valley). We continue with a slight ascent to the north, along the long ridge that separates the Obârșia Ialomiței Valley from a ravine descending from the slope of Mount Obârșia. At the end of this ridge, the trail passes through the meadows on the western slope of the Obârșia and then leads under a rocky crest (1885m). The path ascends gently along the lower part of the valley, still on the slope of the Obârșia, crossing a series of springs. On the left, beyond the valley, rises the western slope of Mount Doamnele, and on the right above, the western cliff of Mount Obârșia. After 1 - 1½ hours from Hotel Pestera, we reach the base of the high step between the lower and upper caldera of the valley, where the Obârșiei Waterfall forms. We cross the Izvorul Obârșiei stream coming from the right (1990m) and then, through several switchbacks, ascend the steep slope of the step, reaching the threshold of the upper caldera (2110m). We continue with a slight ascent, parallel to the course of the valley (which, from the waterfall upward, is named Valea Bisericii - Church Valley), then climb a low secondary step, cross the first ravine at the head of the valley (2250m), and reach the platform at the end of the upper caldera of the valley. To the left, towards the middle of the caldera, rises the immense limestone block with the vertical and polished frontal wall, Mecetul Turcesc; ahead to the north, above the caldera, is Vf. Găvanele (2472m); to the north-northeast, Vf. Văii Cerbului; to the northeast, Curmătura Văii Cerbului; on the right, Colții Obârșiei. Leaving Mecetul Turcesc on the left, we climb initially steeply, then through several switchbacks along the slope under Spinarea Doamnelor and Vf. Găvanele, and after about 20 minutes from the bottom of the valley, we meet the trail marked with a yellow stripe, coming from Babele. Immediately, the path leads us into a saddle near the rocky block, prominent, forming Vf. Văii Cerbului, on the ridge separating the Obârșia Ialomiței Valley from the Valea Cerbului (2360m). To the north-northwest is Vf. Găvanele; to the north, Vf. Bucura; to the east-northeast, Colții Morarului; to the east, Valea Cerbului; to the east-southeast, Vf. Coştila (2498m); to the south-southeast, Colții Obârșiei (2480m); to the southwest, Valea Obârșia Ialomiței; to the west-southwest, beyond the valley, Culmea Doamnele. Through several short switchbacks, we continue the steep ascent along the ridge until under the white limestone block forming Vf. Găvanele. From here, the trail crosses the side facing Valea Cerbului, leaving on the left a winter variation of the path that steeply ascends to the ridge under the rocks, then continues along the slope under Vf. Bucura, and soon leads us to Vf. Omu, at the cabin (2505m).

Pestera Hotel - Babele Cabin

From Hotel Peștera (1610m), the trail heads east-southeast through the Cocora forest behind the hotel, then through the Vârful cu Brădet clearing at the upper limit of the forest (1750m). The path continues along the crest of Vârfurile Mari, on its southern flank, and after 10-15 minutes from the clearing, we emerge into an open area on the ridge. We continue east, and soon the trail leaves the ridge, crossing Vâlcelul Cocorei, and from there, we descend towards the bed of the Lăptici Valley (1865m). We cross the stream, ascend gently, and reach the edge of the plateau in the Cocora – Lăptici Saddle, where the ascent ceases. From this point, the trail crosses the Sinaia – Dichiu – Babele road, and after about 10-15 minutes of gradual descent, it crosses the Valley of Izvorul Dorului, where, parallel to the Vâlcelul Jepilor Mari, we approach the edge of the juniper thicket. We enter the road and soon arrive at Cabana Piatra Arsă (1950m).

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