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Tourist Attractions

Upon request, guided mountain tours with mountain rescue assistance can be organized, exploring various routes such as Scropoasa Lake, Bolboci Lake, Tatarului Gorges, Omu Peak, Babele Cabin, the Sphinx, Piatra Arsă, the Doamnele Massif, or the Ursilor Pass.

"Ialomița Cave," the most visited cave in the Bucegi Mountains, represents a point of great interest for tourism in Dâmbovița County. Hermits sought refuge at the sources of the Ialomița River as early as the 15th century, but the Ialomița Monastery was built in the 15th century, right at the entrance to the Ialomița Cave.

Ialomița Cave is located on the right slope of the Ialomița Gorges, in the town of Moroeni, Dâmbovița County, on Mount Bătrâna, about 10 km from the sources of the Ialomița River, at an altitude of 1,530 m.

Ialomița Cave.

Right at the entrance of the Ialomița Cave is the Monastery of Ialomița, built in the 16th century and founded by Mihnea the Evil, the voivode of Wallachia.

It is suspected that the hermitage of Mihnea the Evil might have been burned down and rebuilt several times, constructed from spruce logs, adorned beautifully from top to bottom with intricately carved designs.

The Monastery of the Ialomița Cave

Bucegi Natural Park is one of the 27 natural and national parks in Romania.

The Bucegi Mountains area, mentioned since the 15th century, was proposed for protection as early as 1936, owing to its unique landscapes and the diversity of plant and animal species specific to this massif.

Bucegi Natural Park

Bolboci is a vast lake, created by the artificial damming of the Ialomița River in 1988. Into Lake Bolboci flow the rivers Blana, Nucet, Bolboci, and Plaiul Mircii.

Lake Bolboci is one of the most beautiful and spectacular places in the country, which, above all, has retained its wild naturalness. This is precisely what makes Lake Bolboci one of the most visited mountain lakes in Romania.

Bolboci Lake

Vârful Omu in the Bucegi Mountains is the sixth-highest mountain peak in Romania, located in the Bucegi Massif, representing the highest point of this massif.

On Omu Peak, you can find Cabana Omu (Omu Cabin), as well as the Omu Peak Meteorological Station, which can be considered the highest permanently populated place in Romania.

Omu Peak

Tatarului Gorges constitutes a nationally protected area corresponding to the IUCN category IV (mixed-type natural reserve) located in Dâmbovița County, within the administrative territory of Moroeni commune.

This natural area, covering 144.30 hectares, is situated in the northeastern extremity of Dâmbovița County in the Bucegi Mountains, between the Padina Plateau and Lake Bolboci, at an average altitude of 1,800 meters.

Tatarului Gorges

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