Pestera Alpine Complex Category I

In 1974 the construction of the current hotel begins, on the site of the former Pestera Cottages. Part of the cottage has been preserved and attached to the new construction. The inauguration of the complex took place on December 31, 1978.

“The Pestera Alpin Complex (1610m) is made up of a Category I hotel with 148 places in rooms with 2.4 and 6 beds and the cabin with 60 places in bedrooms of 8, 12 and 16 places” – from the magazine Romania Pitoreasca, 1983 where we also find that “in the winter of 1981 the mistletoe tore off a part of the sheet that protects the walls of the hotel and as a result 7 rooms were damaged”.

The hotel had a Restaurant, a Bar and a Confectionery and was owned by OJT Dâmbovița. For a long time, responsible for the complex was Nicu Soric  and to his wife Rodica, the chief cook.

In 1985 the head of the complex was “Constantin Marin, 37 years old, among the first 30 chefs of our tourism; help Marcu Adrian, 22 years old, who made his apprenticeship here for years” Romania Pitoreasca – Oct 1985