Hotel History

A tradition of hospitality started 100 years ago!

“Pestera House” was the first construction inaugurated on September 21, 1923. The legendary Niculaie Butmăloiu was among the first period builders. Pestera Hotel continues a tradition of hospitality started about 100 years ago!

1923 – 1940
1940 – 1978
1978 – 1998
1998 – 2003
2003 – 2015
2015 – to date

1923 – 1940

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“The Pestera House” was the name of the first shelter for tourists built in Poiana Crucii near the Ialomiţa Cave Monastery. The initiative belonged to Mihai Haret, the nephew of the scientist Spiru Haret. Mihai Haret is the founder of the tourism movement in Romania and was a Member of the French Alpine Club as well as a Member of the Committee of the Romanian Royal Geography Society.

The construction of the Pestera House began in May 1923. In the autumn of the same year, more precisely on September 21, the inauguration in the presence of more than 60 mountain lovers. Built using exclusively wood material from the area, the shelter house was the property of the association Hanul Drumețului, a joint stock company founded in 1921 and which will become in 1926 TCR Touring-Club of Romania.

From 1924 until the spring of 1925, the cottage was enlarged and refurbished, as the number of tourists in Bucegi had increased significantly and the initial construction had become particularly inadequate during the summer. More than 200 people participated in the new inauguration, although the event took place on June 29, 1925, a frigid summer day with blizzard. Among the riders of the beginning period were the legendary Niculaie Butmăloiu.

By 1930, the “Pestera House” had been improved in terms of comfort for tourists, as well as the possibilities of operating the cottage, as stated by the President of the Touring Club of Romania, Mihai Haret. He also noted for the culture magazine “Wheat grains” in 1930: “The repairs necessitated by the great damage that the snow, the frosts or hurricanes cause every winter” have been updated.

The Pestera House had “in 1930 40 beds with bedding and wool mattresses, pillows of flakes and blankets, all divided into five rooms on the ground floor and three on the attic. Also, the cottage had a dining room with library and museum. In training, a room for the caretaker, a kitchen and a cellar. In another body of the “Pestera House” there was a cow stable, a workshop, a special room for photography and a room for guides, with 6 seats. ” from “Boabe de grâu” magazine.

1940 – 1978

Peștera House

On the night of February 12, 1940, the old log cabin is destroyed by a fire. In the same year, in April the Turing Club begins the construction of a new cabin on the same site, in Poiana Crucii. The Pestera House had the ground floor and the wooden floor and was completed in October 1942.

The consecration of the new hut took place on Sunday, October 18, 1942. “At 10 o’clock, in the large hall of the house, in the presence of over 300 people, the abbot of the” Pestera ” monastary, Mihai Bădilă officiated the religious service for the renovation of the new shelter, the foundation of which was laid on August 6, 1940, on the site of the former “Hiking Inn”, consumed by a fire on the night of February 12, 1940.

The capacity was 119 places in rooms with 1-4 beds and common bedrooms, Buffet and Restaurant-Cantina with self-service. It also had electricity from its own hydroelectric power plant and running water. Near the cottage there is a ski field “for beginners and advanced; season 15 December-30 April” (from the Cabanelor Guide, Gh Epuran1962)

The cottage resists this form until September 1970, when it will be destroyed again by a fire.

Between 1970 and 1978 the shelter house operates in four huts built near the ruins of the old cottage.

1978 – 1998

Pestera Alpine Complex Category I

In 1974 the construction of the current hotel begins, on the site of the former Pestera Cottages. Part of the cottage has been preserved and attached to the new construction. The inauguration of the complex took place on December 31, 1978.

“The Pestera Alpin Complex (1610m) is made up of a Category I hotel with 148 places in rooms with 2.4 and 6 beds and the cabin with 60 places in bedrooms of 8, 12 and 16 places” – from the magazine Romania Pitoreasca, 1983 where we also find that “in the winter of 1981 the mistletoe tore off a part of the sheet that protects the walls of the hotel and as a result 7 rooms were damaged”.

The hotel had a Restaurant, a Bar and a Confectionery and was owned by OJT Dâmbovița. For a long time, responsible for the complex was Nicu Soric  and to his wife Rodica, the chief cook.

In 1985 the head of the complex was “Constantin Marin, 37 years old, among the first 30 chefs of our tourism; help Marcu Adrian, 22 years old, who made his apprenticeship here for years” Romania Pitoreasca – Oct 1985

1998 – 2003

Peștera Hotel***

In 1998 OJT Dâmbovița sells the hotel and buys it Romcif SA which, after a capital repair classifies it to three stars. The inauguration was made on the occasion of the New Year’s Eve 1999-2000. The accommodation capacity was 108 places in 54 rooms.

As a novelty, a spa area with pool, sauna, showers and toilets appears on the ground floor. The swimming pool was built right in the spaces of the former thermal power station (on fuel). Also, the chimney was demolished and in its place was installed the elevator that serves the hotel’s customers. At the Reception level there is a day bar next to a games room equipped with billiards and two tennis tables. Above, was opened the new Restaurant served by a modern kitchen in the spaces of the former cabin.

“Foișorul” was built – a place for outdoor dining which is highly sought after and appreciated by tourists.

The great activity of Mr. Lucian Dragusin is a great lover of the mountain. During his time as director, through sustained efforts, he reintroduced the Pestera Hotel in the tourist circuit.

2003 – 2015

The Industrial Alca Group buys the hotel on October 16, 2003. Modernization work is underway to increase the comfort and raise the quality standard of tourist services. All rooms have been completely renovated; the furniture has been changed.

The fitness room and the SPA were completely restored and a Jacuzzi was installed. The restaurant has been expanded and has a capacity of over 120 people.

Chef was Sorin and Nicoleta together with Constantin (nea Costică) formed the team of waiters of the restaurant. Flori was in charge of the hotel’s maidservice department.

2015 – to date

Starting with the spring of 2012, extensive room modernization work is underway. The works will continue in the coming years with the renovation of the other accommodation spaces, the arrangement of the halls and common spaces.

Following the completion of these works, starting with November 24, 2015 the Pestera Hotel has been rated at 4 stars.