Restaurant 1610

Restaurant 1610 offers you Romanian dishes cooked with great skill by our team of chefs. Bread is fresh, homemade, every day. Because freshness is a must in gastronomy, we use the best products and ingredients.

The restaurant has a maximum capacity of 120 people.


can be served daily between

8.00 10.30


Can be served daily between

12.30 17.00


Can be served daily between

18.30 22.00


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Sun Terrace

Sun Terrace, with access from the Reception level


In the lobby of the Reception you will find the Cafe Bar where we offer you a rich menu of drinks.

A wonderful place to relax and a great place for socializing.

Time schedule

Open between

11.00 22.00


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Cabana Veche

The Old House is the remaining part of the old Pestera House, built in 1940. Currently, there is a multifunctional lounge, ideal for private conferences or parties.


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The Gazebo

The Gazebo is an outdoor restaurant being the favorite place for the groups of customers who prefer a traditional dinner. It is a unique place, where you can enjoy the delicious traditional steamed dishes, prepared directly on the grill or on the grill, even if it is a cool mountain evening.

The Gazebo has “outdoor” heating. Also here we have the opportunity to organize a camp fire that gives you a spectacular end to an extraordinary evening. The program is until 23.00

Exclusively for organized groups.